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Ultrasone DJ 1 PRO

Turn it down - Using a heavy duty 50 mm Mylar driver, the closed-back DJ1 PRO provides the most powerful music output in combination with the most advanced technologies.


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Press statements

  • The positive impression made by these headphones is reinforced by their good handling and copious extras.

    Beat 11/2010

  • The position of the transducers in the headphones creates a very transparent acoustic impression and ensures that the natural sound is better projected spatially...

    Beat 11/2010

  • All in all, these headphones are the most comfortable despite their sufficiently tight fit. 24.02.2011

  • The sound is indeed much more spacious and yet more detailed than that of any of the other headphones, with the detail in the mids and the highs coming through clearly. 24.02.2011

Awards HFI 15G



DJ 1